Weddings by Alefiya

She was a pleasure to work with, and provided us with sound advice, taking a very personalized approach. On the day, she worked tirelessly. She was remarkably unobtrusive, often working in the background, putting our guests at ease, whilst taking some absolutely stunning photographs, really capturing the mood of our wedding. The service was excellent. She was punctual and true to her word. The album was beautifully compiled. She exceeded all of our expectations; a truly unique photographer.

It’s so hard to capture the feeling of such a special day in photographs but our photos and album manage to do our wedding justice. Our wedding day was amazing and we loved the unobtrusive and informal way the photos were taken whilst we were enjoying our special day. The quality of the album is incredible and we are thrilled to be able to show our family and friends our memories.

Our wedding day was amazing and enhanced by Alefiya's professional and unobtrusive approach. Alefiya considered our requirements and expectations, successfully incorporating these into her own style. As such she captured fantastic images that will continue to keep the magic of the day alive to us for many years to come. For this we owe Alefiya our complete thanks and appreciation.

The usual Hindu wedding photographer almost directs the entire occasion, barking orders at people to retake steps that were meant to be taken only once! We wanted someone who would allow us to enjoy our day the way we planned it.

A Hindu ceremony is not easy to photograph. There is so much going on and all of it happens so fast, that it's easy for a photographer to miss a crucial moment or just get in the way.

Alefiya was different. She stood on the sidelines. You might not have noticed that she was even there. There are a lot of important moments, timed to perfection, that are over in a split second in a Hindu ceremony. But Alefiya didn't miss a heartbeat. She has an instinct and an eye for the detail.

We felt we were in very safe hands with Alefiya. Of course you don't know this until you get the photos back. But the photos say it all.

Alefiya was truly professional & extremely personable in capturing the essence of our wedding day and celebrations that lasted till the wee hours! Her creative genius, talent and imagination has ensured we can relive the many great moments of our special day over & over again..!

Alefiya was a pleasure to work with. It was really easy to communicate and work with her through the whole process of our wedding photography. Thedin and I loved how she did not intrude on the day but rather captured the event as it happened. This allowed the photos to reflect the atmosphere of the day so well. The album looks stunning. Everyone we show it to is blown away by the creativity and beauty of the photography. The hardest part was having to choose which of the wonderful shots to include in our album. Alefiya is very talented and professional. I would recommend Alefiya to anyone wanting to capture the magic of their special day!

Alefiya was fantastic to work with on our wedding day in July 2009. She was incredibly professional as well as calm and casual, which was just what I needed as a nervous bride. She helped my husband and I feel comfortable in front of the camera and took amazing candid photographs of us; we had never seen ourselves look so good! Alefiya sees beauty in the finer details and captures them in a truly remarkable and unique way. We loved our wedding experience with Alefiya, she was brilliant.

Our wedding photo experience with Alefiya was exceptional. She was very professional and creative. Alefiya set out to capture the beauty and magic of our special day and succeeded beyond all expectations. We appreciated Alefiya’s efforts to capture us and our guests in a candid, yet artistic manner. Alefiya’s laidback personality contributed to a relaxing atmosphere (on what could very easily have been a hectic day!). Even our posed shots have a personality we never thought possible.

“When we look at our album today, we do more than just remember the day . . . we relive it."

Alefiya was my first and only choice in photographers for my wedding. I had seen her work in many local publications and I had the pleasure of working with her when she agreed to do the photographs for a website that we were developing.

She understood that we wanted candid shots that highlighted the essence of the day. We didn’t have a traditional wedding so we didn’t want our wedding album to be boring series of posed shots that didn’t capture the emotion or the adventures of the day.

What I loved most, was how Alefiya managed to capture the most amazing shots without disrupting the flow! She seemed to effortlessly blend in and didn’t make the day about her needing the right pose and the right light; nor did she stipulate long hours of pre church shots - she just took the photographs as the day unfolded with minimal intrusion. And the result is a fabulous wedding album that tells a story with each page. We have had so many compliments on our album and its all thanks to her!

Thank you Aleyfiya, we were blessed to have you and we wish you every success in Texas. Perhaps when we celebrate 10 years you will be back again to tell a new story…

We love our wedding photographs and recommend Alefiya wholeheartedly. Using her technique of "wedding reportage", she is able to document cherished memories and fleeting moments in a perfect combination of natural and artistic. As two obsessive compulsive architects, we were anxious about relinquishing artistic control to anyone and therefore, shopped around obsessively for the perfect photographer. We were delighted when Alefiya agreed to document our wedding and felt immediately at ease by her professionalism, attention to detail and her sense of composition. What we love most about Alefiya's work is that each photo, while stunningly beautiful, strings together to capture the unique story of our wedding, where her photograph evoke real memories as opposed to staged moments.

I had the good fortune of being able to call Alefiya a very dear friend long before I started making plans for my wedding. In Sri Lanka reportage photography is only just entering the market. Having been Bride's Maid for several of my friends' weddings I was so sick and tired of the regular run of the mill photography that had saturated the wedding photography market. It was so artificial and boring! The photographer would have you pose in various positions, angling your face and body whichever way he'd want it, elicit any emotion he'd prescribe, have large glaring lights poked in your face by assistants who'd outnumber the bridal party. When the final product came out it was so obvious that all the pictures were fake and all the emotions expressed were contrived. I did NOT want that for my wedding album! What I was looking for was someone who'd just capture the fleeting moments of our special day on film - irrespective of whether they were bitter or sweet and immortalize them in a book I could place on the coffee table at our new home so that our visitors could just glance through it and get a feeling of why that day would forever remain etched in our memory. Enter Alefiya.

When I first approached Alefiya about covering our wedding I was a little circumspect mainly due to the fact that I had decided beforehand not to hire close family members and friends for anything as I did not want probable differences in opinion or misunderstandings to taint our relationship. Furthermore, having visited her website and noted how professional her work was, I was afraid I would not be able to afford her. But all my fears were allayed. From the very outset she handled every detail professionally - not leaving anything to chance. We met several times before the event to discuss logistics, what my husband and I wanted, budget etc. Come wedding day - Alefiya was amazing! The entire retinue was so impressed with how relaxed we felt around her. She wove herself intricately into the goings on like an invisible thread through a multicoloured fabric. So unobtrusive was she. At times she would crack a joke only to capture the beaming smiles and exuberant laughter. There were no silly poses, no glaring lights, no contrived emotions and not a single assistant bar one or two to help her carry her equipment for the studio shots we requested. Everything was so natural and relaxed. Even the guests commented on how inconspicuous she was.

It took Alefiya only a matter of days to give me the dvds with the proofs so that I would pick out the shots I wanted for the album. Most often it is the customer who has to pester the photographer to deliver the album on time. But with Alefiya it was the other way around. It was she who kept gently reminding me to send her my final selection so that she could fulfill her contract to the letter. And that she did! I now have a gorgeous album - exactly how I wanted it - with enchanting photographs, reflecting every little emotion we experienced that day - a narration of every event significant and not so significant - a portrait of love between man and wife and the family and friends they cherish the most - a work of art. She even got us two parent books, perfect replicas of the primary album to gift to our folks! And today I still call her a very dear friend.

Alefiya was referred to me by my cousin and since she was already somewhat of a celebrity photographer in our home city of Colombo I was very excited about having her cover our wedding but not sure if I could afford her. She was surprisingly friendly, courteous and flexible and helped us to build a wedding photography package that worked for our budget while fulfilling all our requirements. On the day of the wedding she was punctual, fully present and receptive to our needs. She unobtrusively worked to capture all the special moments of our big day and patiently worked on the post production incorporating our requests and suggestions while offering her expert advice. The end result is an absolutely fabulous and tastefully done wedding book which we will cherish forever. This was one of the best investments we made in our wedding. We feel lucky to have had the good fortune of having Alefiya as our wedding photographer. She is an extremely talented artiste with a fine eye for detail and capable of great story telling through her photography. We look forward to having her cover future special events in our life and recommend her highly.

Our wedding is June 24th 2011 and we have worked with Alefiya on our Save the Date pictures and she will also do our engagement pictures along with our wedding!

Alefiya truely does put her heart and soul into her work. Yes, we shopped around and by Alefiya's reccomendations to do so. She went above and beyond giving us advice and doing research on where we should do photos. Alefiya spent ample time during our photo shoots and we did not feel rushed at all. Her turn around for our Save the Date pictures were suprisingly quick! I would work with Alefiya for all of my photography needs going forward. Now to discuss price...all I would like to say yes we got more than we bargained for..Please keep in mind if you are spending thousands of dollars on a wedding the only memories you have is your don't sell your self short!

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